Motor Transport Awards 2013
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Congratulations to this year's winners.  More than 70 of the transport industry’s leading figures judged this year’s awards entries and selected only the very best contenders for the Motor Transport Awards 2013. 

Best Use of Technology - BT FLEET

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BT Fleet runs around 75,000 commercial vehicles for customers including E.ON, National Grid, the AA and BT itself. It identified E.C.U. remapping as a way to cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions. An extensive test of the remapped engines produced fuel savings of between 11.2% and 16.2%, and remapping has been rolled out across the entirety of the BT OpenReach fleet, some 24,000 vehicles. This has resulted in a £4m per year saving for BT OpenReach and over an eight year period BT Fleet estimates a saving of £30m for BT Group


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Wincanton’s work with Marks and Spencer has resulted in a market-leading furniture home-delivery service.  Since 2009 massive improvements in postponed or failed deliveries have been made, to the point where almost 95% of end customers received a flawless delivery. Wincanton has greatly increased communication with the end recipient, including sending a ‘will it fit’ guide, pre-delivery phone calls and letters and a text message 30 minutes before delivery. Judges were impressed with this customer communication process, which had reduced rejected deliveries by 27% and postponed deliveries by 68%.

Fleet Driver of the Year - KEVIN GOOKEY

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Kevin has been driving for Gist [pronounced Jist] out of its Hemel Hempstead depot for eight years, in what the company describes as “a rich and complex” role.  Beyond driving, he carries out numerous other activities, including being the Hemel site’s risk assessor, visiting all the stores that it services and writing the risk assessments, and being responsible for vehicle compliance.  His mechanical sympathy, with zero accident record has led to him carrying out in-service trials of new technology. 
Judges were impressed with Kevin’s “excellent community responsibility”, describing him as an exemplary employee”.

Fleet Engineer of the Year -  MARK ELLISON

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The first local authority fleet engineer to win this title since 1996, Mark is responsible for 480 vehicles, ranging from refuse collection to road sweepers and from vans to JCB excavators.  By targeting the running costs of his refuse collection fleet, Mark’s department has achieved a 10% reduction in carbon emissions without any additional resource. The judges said Mark demonstrated “great use of technology and new ideas”, and that he had “surpassed all cost reduction targets”.

Fleet Truck of the Year - DAF XF105

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Operators tend to overlook the Daf XF105 as a fleet vehicle because of the volumes sold of its more work-a-day sister truck, the CF. What operators get with the XF105 however is the practical and operational benefits of the CF with the options of a higher horsepower engine and a bigger cab. This makes it better value for money upfront with stronger residual values. Daf scores well in the all-important aftersales of parts and service backup, with Dafaid [pronounced daff-aid] well regarded. There were also some competitive prices available for repair and maintenance contracts, and the judging panel of fleet operators was also swayed by their drivers, who would certainly take the XF’s cab over the CF.


Fleet Van of the Year - MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER

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  Its second win in a row, the Sprinter once again proved itself to be a favourite among fleets thanks to its economy, reliability and dealer network. Operators especially praised Mercedes-Benz’s dealers – while the van’s reliability is a major factor in its success, late workshop opening times and good parts availability mean that Sprinters are never off the road longer than necessary. Excellent standard safety features, including ESP and a driver airbag, are a benefit to both fleets and drivers.

Haulier of the Year - ELDDIS TRANSPORT (CONSETT)

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As is often the case, the judges in the Haulier of the Year category had a tough job picking this year’s winner, but Elddis came out on top for being a “proper” haulier that was always looking at new ideas.
It runs 150 trucks and 300 trailers and has moved from the industrial to the consumer sector, earning a reputation for innovation that impressed the judges. Customer service is key, and it has worked with three of its largest customers for more than 40 years.

Judges liked the company’s no-nonsense approach and noted that in 2012 pre-tax profit was up almost 30% on the previous year. They also praised its innovative attitude and described Elddis as a “solid, well-established business”.


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Maple’s ‘Safe Connect’ device is designed to reduce the chance of rollaway and crushing incidents as a result of inadvertent release of the vehicles' brakes while a trailer is being coupled. It will only release the vehicle's brakes once the foot brake is applied from inside the cab, leaving the driver out of harm's way and in full control of the vehicle. The judges said it was a "simple and practical solution" as well as being "cost effective".


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The judges loved this livery. As most of Treasure’s work comes from beer transport, it wanted to raise awareness of its expertise in this market while refreshing its image. So the beer can livery was born.
Treasure made sure the giant beer can tanker looked as realistic as possible, even including details such as a ring-pull. Half of the fleet now carries the livery, which Treasure hopes will help it win new business in the brewing industry. The judges praised Treasure for developing a livery that promotes a positive image of both transport and the brewing industries and all agreed that it was eye-catching and modern.


Low Carbon & Efficiency Award - ARLA FOODS UK - COMBINATION TRAILER

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Dairy company Arla Foods wanted to slash its CO2 emissions by 34% by 2020 compared with 2005, and central to achieving this target was transport – Arla UK’s operation uses more than 750 vehicles and trailers. Vehicle innovation has been key, and in September 2012 it introduced a combination trailer capable of transporting raw milk and finished dairy products together. This allows Arla to eliminate empty running by transporting finished product to store and collecting raw milk on the return leg. Twenty combination trailers are due to enter service this year, each saving 60,000 litres of fuel a year.


Network of the Year - APC OVERNIGHT

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A strong financial performance, with yet more to come from a new hub, was just one reason our judging panel gave for naming APC Overnight this year’s Network of the Year. In a fiercely competitive market, APC Overnight has, through discipline, flexibility and verve, managed to achieve the most difficult task of all; to make money. The firm’s annual network turnover now stands at £353 million, after consignments handled reached 12 million last year compared with 10 million in 2010.



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These two partners came together in October 2010 when Nexans appointed Miniclipper as its sole distributor for mainland UK deliveries.  Because of the strategic significance of the partnership to both parties, the Mininex team was established.  This is a partnership that works well at all levels of the operation - and understands the meaning of the word partnership.  Since the partnership started, transport costs have been reduced by 2.3 percentage points to 3.2% of sales values.

The judges said “The Mininex team is superb evidence of a true partnership; working in teams with members from both parties.”

Repair & Maintenance Workshop of the Year - HRVS GROUP

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From a strong field of service providers emerged a clear winner: HRVS. The company has four sites and its Sheffield dealership was the focus of this winning entry. This recently underwent a £1.5m redevelopment designed to make it a one-stop-shop for servicing and testing, with the aim of minimising downtime for customers. HRVS reported an impressive 98% first time annual test pass rate, while the judges were also impressed with the 50-minute average attendance times to roadside incidents as well as zero refusals for call-outs.
The judges said that of all the entrants, HRVS ticked boxes in all the categories.

Safety in Operation Award - PALLETLINE

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Palletline emerged victorious in the Safety category with a typically polished presentation outlining its latest steps on a journey of continuous improvement in operational safety. Right up front were some impressive statistics – Palletline recorded 73% fewer accidents than the industry average in 2012, with accident levels down 50% year-on-year.  A leading member of the Association of Pallet Networks, Palletline was the first network to depedestrianise its hub, and it has led the development of new standards for load restraint.

Service to Industry Award - PETER CARROLL

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The winner of the 2013 Service to Industry award for making an outstanding contribution to the transport industry in 2012 was a unanimous choice for the panel.
Since its formation, FairFuelUK (FFUK) has saved £5.5bn in fuel duty through its effective lobbying of government
to halt planned rises in
fuel duty.
FFUK is a professional lobbying organisation that enjoys the support of many backers including the FTA, RHA, RAC and Association of Pallet Networks.
But the judges agreed that Carroll’s efforts went way beyond that of a run-of-the-mill lobbyist. He has succeeded in making a convincing case to the Treasury that increasing fuel duty is not only bad for the industry, but bad for the economy.  

FFUK also mobilised support from backbench Conservative MPs and the media to increase pressure on the chancellor to not only scrap the planned 8ppl rises in duty in 2011 and 2012, but actually achieve a 1ppl cut.
A former haulier, Carroll has created one of the most effective lobbying organisations in the country – as one MP told FFUK spokesman Quentin Willson: “When FairFuelUK campaigns, Westminster trembles.”
And RHA chief executive Geoff Dunning says: “This success is, to a great extent, down to the determination, hard work and enthusiasm of Peter Carroll. He is passionate about FairFuelUK and this is reflected in the campaign’s success.”
Carroll has repeatedly told MT that FFUK couldn’t achieve what it has without the support of its financial backers, in particular FTA and RHA, which have backed the campaign from the start.
After a successful campaign for the rights of Gurkha soldiers, in 2011 Carroll asked the industry to support FFUK, which would use research rather than direct action to convince the government of the harm duty rises were doing to the wider economy as well as the transport industry. He united the RHA and FTA behind the campaign and brought on board the RAC and other supporters to speak with one voice.


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Palletline's network services team was integral to the successful delivery of the firm's new IT management system, Contrado. The team was tasked with training 15 "super users" from within the Palletline network in a six-month intensive user acceptance testing process to ensure that the system met all requirements. Judges said they had seen "clearly demonstrable results that met or exceeded all KPIs."


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Carlsberg decided to improve the quality of the training delivered to its 1,100 logistics staff at its 12 secondary logistics depots by developing trainers from within its workforce. Four were selected from Carlsberg’s existing driver trainers, all existing manual handling and safe operating procedures were re-drafted into new modules, and mandatory Driver CPC training was tailored towards Carlsberg’s operations. Benefits include a 4.8% reduction in fuel use in 2011 and a further 1% reduction in 2012, and a near-20% reduction in accidents and a 13% drop in lost-time days. The judges praised Carlsberg for delivering a good blend of technical training.

Transport Manager of the Year - DAVID COOKE

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As the head of the transport operation at Fowler Welch’s largest site – Spalding in Lincolnshire - David manages a number of yearly peaks on short lead times of just hours between order receipt, collection and delivery. He has a strong focus on creating an enjoyable working environment – the ‘Team Ethic’ - that promotes innovative thinking and greater productivity. David has devised a strategic plan that optimises local routes, uses subcontractors effectively and rotates the driver pool. Judges were impressed with David’s attention to training, staff retention and customer service.